Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Approximate duration of surgery: 2 – 3 hours General Anesthesia

The Procedure

A decrease in our skin’s elasticity can result in sagging or looseness of the breast. A breast lift is meant to fix this issue by elevating the breast and giving it a more youthful, “perky” contour.

During the procedure, Dr.Nathan trims excess skin and rearranges tissue to provide a long lasting result. There is a combination of incisions used during a breast lift procedure which include an incision around the areola, an incision through the fold of the breast, and an incision from the areola to the breast fold. The use of implants is nto necessary.  But if you would like to improve both the shape and placement of the breast, implants would accomplish this.  It all depends on the look you want.

Dr. Nathan will discuss your breast lift procedure in more detail at your first consultation.


Ambulate the night of surgery
Shower 2 days after surgery
Time off from work: 3 to 5 days
No heavy lifting or swimming for 6 weeks

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I’m so happy with the results and how AMAZING [my breast] look! 100% recommend.

Breast Augmentation Patient

Dr. Nathan is very experienced in his technique for the surgery he performed. He takes the time to explain all questions and concerns. Dr. Nathan gives his patients want they want and not what he wants.

Breast Reduction Patient