Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Approximate duration of surgery: 2 – 3 hours General Anesthesia

The Procedure

Women with large pendulous breasts may seek a breast reduction to alleviate symptoms of shoulder pain, neck pain, and rash. Breast reduction surgery is the most effective method to relieve these symptoms.  Apart from pain, women with large breast also have difficulty finding well-fitting clothes.

Surgical techniques vary depending on the desire and need of the patient. Often, the same technique is used in a breast reduction as in a breast lift.  The incisions are similar to those seen in breast lifts.  The position of the nipple is slightly elevated, and the areola may be reduced in size.  

Dr. Nathan will discuss your breast reduction procedure in more detail at your first consultation.


Ambulate the night of surgery
Shower 2 days after surgery
Time off from work: 3 to 5 days
No heavy lifting or swimming for 6 weeks

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Breast Augmentation Patient

Dr. Nathan is very experienced in his technique for the surgery he performed. He takes the time to explain all questions and concerns. Dr. Nathan gives his patients want they want and not what he wants.

Breast Reduction Patient