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Rhinoplasty: Improving appearance and function of Miami, FL noses

It is said that eyes are windows to the soul, and most of us are readily smitten by a lovely smile. Yet no matter how beautiful the top and bottom portions of your face are, a disproportionate or misshapen nose greatly impacts overall attractiveness. Dr. Nirmal Nathan suggests rhinoplasty (nose surgery) as a predictable solution for male and female patients in Miami, FL.

The importance of the nose

  • Focal point of appearance – Your nose is prominent, in person and in photographs, from the front or either side.
  • Ethnicity signature – The size and shape of your nose carries characteristics uniquely handed down from your ancestors.
  • Breathing – Exterior and interior structures of the nose provide the primary path for air to enter and exit lungs. While the mouth provides a larger airway, the delicate architecture of the nose is more efficient (think about how miserable you feel when your nose is congested, and you are forced to mouth-breathe). Elite athletes know that the nasal-pulmonary reflex causes lungs to expand and close up in accordance with the nose, for improved performance compared to gasping through the mouth.
  • Air “conditioning” – Nasal passages contain complex layers called turbinates that moisturize air. The nose also regulates the air temperature. Both functions are kind to the throat and lungs.
  • Cleansing – Air contains more than oxygen. It is full of allergens, environmental pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and worse. Cilia, fine hair-like appendages in the nose, help to trap those elements and flush them from the body in mucous.
  • Protection – A large number of nerve cells in the nose detect scents. That certainly helps you enjoy eating. It also lets you avoid spoiled foods and toxic gases in the environment.
  • Communication – The nose, with its direct connection to sinuses, plays a big role in how sounds produced by vocal cords resonate – essential to pleasant speaking and singing. The nose also contains a vomeronasal organ, sometimes referred to as a sixth sense. The VNO may detect pheromones, contributing to non-vocal chemical communication.

When to consider cosmetic rhinoplasty in Miami, FL

Now that you have a greater understanding and tremendous appreciation for the nose, it simply makes sense to have this elegant organ look as appealing as possible.

The golden ratio is a mathematical formula found throughout art, architecture, nature, and human physiology. This divine proportion determines the necessary relationships of parts of the face, for maximum attractiveness to the human eye. The nose plays a central role in the golden ratio, impacting the appearance of every feature above and below it.

  • Alignment of the inner corner of the eye to the outmost edge of the nostril.
  • Horizontal distance from the centerline of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.
  • Distance from pupils to tip of the nose.
  • Distance from bottom of the nose to top of upper lip.
  • Tip of nose to center of the ear.

Proportions of the nose are in large part a genetic factor, but shape and size may also be distorted by injury or previous surgeries.

Dr. Nathan applies a wealth of specialized training (he is Board-certified in plastic surgery) and a naturally artistic eye to restore the facial golden ratio with rhinoplasty.

  • Size of the nose in relation to overall face shape and size of other features.
  • Width at the bridge.
  • Bumps or depressions on the bridge, for a smoother profile.
  • Size and position of nostrils (while maintaining ethnic characteristics to the extent you desire).
  • Upturned, downturned, hooked, or bulbous nasal tip.
  • Asymmetry – in central placement of the entire nose, or in specific left-to-right or top-to-bottom elements.

Most patients are happily satisfied with the aesthetic outcome of rhinoplasty. Initial swelling subsides in a few weeks, and nasal contours continue to refine over the course of perhaps a year. While facial changes that occur through the aging process have some influence on the appearance of the nose, rhinoplasty enhancement is generally lifelong.

Rhinoplasty for functional improvement

The nasal septum is a thin structure that separates the right and left airway chambers of the nose. The outermost cartilage and soft tissue tip are somewhat mobile, but becomes more rigid with hyaline cartilage and bone toward the skull.

When this dividing wall becomes displaced, it can partially or completely obstruct airflow through one nostril. The condition may trigger dryness and nosebleeds, facial pain, and snoring or sleep disordered breathing (sleep apnea). A deviated septum may affect the sound of your voice, contribute to recurring sinus infections, and keep you from sleeping comfortably on either side.

While deviated septum can be present at birth, it is usually caused by facial injury from a fall, fight, vehicle accident, or unprotected contact sports. The problem may be evident with a visibly crooked nose, or the defect can be largely internal. Regardless, a deviated septum is easily corrected with rhinoplasty.

The procedure to alleviate an obstructed airway is a bit more invasive than cosmetic rhinoplasty, but the success rate is excellent. Most patients experience significant improvement in breathing, with adjustment and alignment of the nasal septum. Medical insurance may cover all or a portion of nose surgery cost for this condition.

The rhinoplasty procedure

Rhinoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure in the surgical operatory at The Nathan Clinic, with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Depending on your situation, Dr. Nathan may be able to use a closed procedure, with incisions created inside the nose to eliminate risk of scarring. An open procedure may be appropriate for more extensive cases. A fine incision is made across the columella, a band of tissue that separates nostrils. If the size of nostrils is to be altered, additional incisions may be made in the natural creases.

In either case, skin is gently lifted, allowing Dr. Nathan to access and reshape underlying cartilage and bone. The procedure may involve removal of some tissues to reduce the size of the nose, or cartilage grafting or implants to augment size and shape. If correction of a deviated septum is needed, it can be performed in the same procedure as cosmetic enhancement.

Dr. Nirmal Nathan famous and best skilled plastic surgeon in Miami Florida

Dr. Nirmal Nathan is a skilled plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida. He received his medical degree through the Honors Program in Medicine at the University of Miami. Dr. Nathan is among the most sought after plastic surgeons in Miami due to his expansive knowledge, skill and method of treating patients. In his practice, The Nathan Clinic Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, he provides the excellence that comes from experience.

When the doctor is satisfied that the nose is sculpted to the shape you desire, skin is re-draped. Incisions are closed with a specialized plastic surgery technique that creates minimal scarring.

The nose is protected for a few days with a splint and gauze packing to aid in healing. The surgical team provides thorough instruction for wound care and follow-up. Meanwhile, rhinoplasty patients are encouraged to move around the night of surgery, and may shower after two days. Expect to take five to seven days off work, and refrain from swimming or heavy lifting for six weeks.

Your nose deserves the care of a highly-qualified plastic surgeon. Call The Nathan Clinic in Miami, FL at (305) 680-5121 to schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Nathan.