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What you need to know about breast reduction in Miami, FL

More isn’t always better! Breast size is a very personal preference influenced by overall physical stature, sense of style, and comfort. If the size of your breasts does not align with your perception of yourself, it is time to consider breast reduction at The Nathan Clinic in Miami, FL. As a Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Nirmal Nathan has helped many women achieve more balanced proportions and improved self-confidence, with this technique.

Is breast reduction surgery right for you?

Mammaplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin, fat, and other tissues from breasts. The surgery reduces overall size, weight, and projection, and can improve shape and lift. While most women who have breast reduction surgery are primarily concerned with aesthetics, there can be significant physical benefits, as well.

Female breast anatomy is surprisingly complex. Breasts are comprised primarily of adipose tissue, a collection of fat cells covering the area from collarbone to middle of the ribcage and extending to the underarm. Within this mass lie lobes and smaller lobules connected by ducts that carry milk to the nipple (when lactating). Also within adipose tissue is a meshwork of connective fibers, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes.

Breast size is largely determined by genetic factors. Thus, while breast size is influenced by weight, even a slender woman may have unusually large breasts. Sometimes this amount of breast tissue is welcomed. For other women, it simply does not fit their lifestyle or self-image. In many patients, the weight of the breasts can produce debilitating neck, shoulder, and back pain.

  • Breast size limits clothing choices.
  • Large breasts do not project a desired professional appearance in a business setting.
  • Breast size causes sagging, distorted shape, or asymmetry.
  • Big breasts give the visual impression of being overweight (even when overall BMI is within the normal range).
  • Weight of breasts causes bra straps to painfully indent flesh, creating shoulder grooving.
  • Skin below the breast crease is chronically irritated.
  • Heavy breasts result in poor posture, triggering neck and back problems.
  • Physical activities and sports are more difficult or uncomfortable.
  • Voluminous breasts draw unwanted attention.
  • General sense of self-consciousness about appearance.

A good candidate for mammaplasty has fully-matured breasts. (Dr. Nathan generally does not recommend the procedure for teenagers, unless physical and psychological symptoms are causing undue suffering).

  • The candidate should have symptoms consistent with large breasts (as listed above).
  • The candidate should be a non-smoker, or willing to stop smoking for several weeks before and after the procedure.
  • The candidate should be in reasonably good health, without medical conditions that impede the body’s ability to heal.
  • The candidate has realistic expectations for the outcome of surgery and the impact it will have on her life.

Breast reduction is appropriate in patients who have reached full development of their breasts. Breast reduction should not affect an individual’s ability to breastfeed in the future.

Breast reduction in Miami, FL – step by step

If this describes you, step one is a consultation with Dr. Nathan. This includes a review of your medical status and history. Plan on discussing your concerns, goals, and expectations. You will also have the opportunity to review before and after photos. Dr. Nathan explains the procedure, variations in surgical technique, and enhancement choices. This is your opportunity to ask questions, and get more information on breast reduction cost and financing options.

If you decide to proceed with reduction surgery, breasts are examined, measured, and photographed to aid in surgical planning.

Dr. Nathan is experienced in multiple techniques, tailoring treatment to the patient’s body type and goals. Normally, breast reduction and lift are combined. The procedure involves removal of excess breast tissues by excision and/or liposuction, re-contouring of breast shape, and proper positioning of the nipple and areola. Most often this is accomplished with an anchor or keyhole shaped incision. The incision encircles the areola, extends vertically to the crease under the breast, and goes horizontally along the fold. This method provides necessary access to internal breast tissues, with minimal visible scarring. Dr. Nathan’s refined suturing technique results in inconspicuous scarring that typically fades within a year.

While optimal shape, lift, and contour is achieved with a standard surgical technique, some patients opt for a “scar-less” alternative. With this liposculpture only method, small incisions concealed in natural bodily contours, allow the doctor to suction adipose tissue out of breasts. There are no visible scars, but reduction is less dramatic, and breasts are not shaped or lifted.

Once you and Dr. Nathan have determined the most appropriate procedure to meet your breast reduction objectives, the next step is proceeding with surgery. If medically indicated, insurance will provide coverage for the procedure.

For your convenience, Dr. Nathan has operating privileges at several local hospitals and surgery centers. He only operates at accredited surgical facilities with Board-certified anesthesiologists. Your procedure is performed on site, with general anesthesia, or intravenous sedation and local anesthesia. Depending on the technique and customization, breast reduction usually takes two to 4 hours.

Incision lines are marked on breasts while you stand. Once complete, sedation is started. After you are asleep, Dr. Nathan administers a local nerve block and medication that shrinks blood vessels, to reduce bleeding.

Dr. Nathan creates the necessary incisions on one breast, and separates skin from underlying tissues. Excess breast tissue and skin are removed, and each quadrant of the breast is sculpted. During this process, the nipple and areola are carefully preserved. When reduction, shaping, and lifting are complete, the nipple and areola are correctly repositioned. Most of the closure is accomplished with sutures beneath the surface of skin, fostering only the finest visible scars. Then the process is repeated with the other breast.

Dr. Nirmal Nathan famous and best skilled plastic surgeon in Miami Florida

Dr. Nirmal Nathan is a skilled plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida. He received his medical degree through the Honors Program in Medicine at the University of Miami. Dr. Nathan is among the most sought after plastic surgeons in Miami due to his expansive knowledge, skill and method of treating patients. In his practice, The Nathan Clinic Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, he provides the excellence that comes from experience.

After surgery, the recovery process will begin. You return home a few hours after surgery is completed. Expect some discomfort, but it is manageable with medication. Sutures and drains (if necessary) come out within a week. Most women return to work at this point. Bruising, swelling, and firmness tend to resolve within a month. Light exercise may be resumed after four to six weeks. You will need to wear a wire-free support bra for two-to three months to reduce initial swelling and support breast shape as you heal.

Improvement in breast size, body proportions, and comfort is immediate. However, it can take up to a year for full results to be realized. During the months following your procedure, scars fade and smooth out, as breasts soften and settle into the tighter jacket of skin. In most cases, the ability to breast feed is preserved.

The patient satisfaction rate for breast reduction is very high. In fact, the most common complaint heard by the team at The Nathan Clinic is, “I wish I had had the procedure done years ago!”

Schedule a consultation to learn more about your options in breast reduction. Dr. Nathan’s number in Miami, FL is (305) 680-5121.