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Look more like you again with face lift & neck lift in Miami, FL

Are you sometimes surprised by the face looking back at you when you pass a plate glass window or mirror? Does it look like you, but . . . blurred? Your unmistakable traits remain, but you look older than you feel? Dr. Nirmal Nathan’s expertise in face lift & neck lift procedures helps patients like you in the Miami, FL area feel more confident in their appearance.

Who is a good candidate for this type of cosmetic surgery?

The face of a child or young adult has firm, taut skin and rounded contours because the face naturally has 14 specific fat pads, and skin is supported by a thick meshwork of collagen and elastin. That changes as we age. Skin becomes thinner and less elastic, and fat pads diminish. Skin also loses support as muscle mass and bone density lessens. The combination allows skin to sag into wrinkles, creases, and folds. The downward pull of gravity makes this more noticeable on mid- and lower portions of the face and on the neck.

  • Self-consciousness – Are you concerned at how aging is affecting your appearance?
  • Makeup application has become challenging – Is it difficult to work around lines, wrinkles, and sags?
  • Jowls – Sagging skin on sides of the face at the lower jaw pull corners of the mouth down. On women jowling typically distorts a feminine oval or heart face shape (widest set at the temples) into a more masculine rectangular or square shape.
  • Double chin – Do changes to your jawline and profile make you look heavier?
  • You are covering the problem – Perhaps your closet has far too many high necklines and scarves for Miami’s balmy climate.
  • You feel younger, healthier, and more vibrant than you look.

Dr. Nathan makes a thorough evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate. He considers the condition of your skin as well as underlying musculature and bone structure. You will discuss overall health, medications, and lifestyle habits. The best patient candidates for face lift and neck lift are reasonably healthy, without medical conditions that impair healing. They do not smoke, and have realistic expectations for the outcome of surgery.

What is involved in a face lift or neck lift?

Facelift surgery smooths skin and brings back definition of facial contours for a more youthful appearance. The surgical technique varies somewhat depending on the specific type of lift performed. However, at The Nathan Clinic, a lift is an outpatient procedure which takes several hours. The patient’s comfort is ensured with general anesthesia (possibly sedation and local anesthesia, in some cases). Fine incisions are created at the hairline or in natural creases, where they are least likely to show after healing. Skin is detached from fascia, a connective tissue that connects it to underlying muscles, allowing Dr. Nathan to access deeper tissues. Muscles are tightened and tissues are repositioned, creating a smoother foundation for skin. Surplus skin is excised. Skin is put back in place and precisely sutured, without over-tightening.

  • Mini facelift – This less-invasive technique may be a good choice for the individual whose facial skin is just beginning to droop, and some jowling (sagging at the jawline and chin) is present. Small incisions are made above and around ears. Surgery focuses on lifting and tightening structure tissues in the cheek area. The early intervention of a mini facelift, combined with an ongoing strategy of laser skin therapies, Botox, and dermal fillers, can keep signs of aging at bay for many years.
  • Mid-facelift – Dr. Nathan uses this method to reposition fat pads over the cheekbones and to tighten skin. Similar to a mini facelift, this procedure recontours and smooths the mid-face area.
  • S-lift – You may hear this called a chin lift, MACS, or QuickLift, which are variations. Regardless, it is ideal for treating the lower portion of the face (jowls and neck) using an S-shaped incision.
  • Traditional facelift – Sometimes referred to as a full or standard facelift, this procedure provides moderate to significant correction. It requires incisions at the ears, hairline, and below the chin, treating the entire face and restoring definition in the neck. Skin is re-draped in way that provides dramatic yet natural-looking improvement.
  • Cutaneous lift – This skin-only lift addresses the lower third of the face and the neck. Tightening skin in this manner provides improvement in laxity. However, since skin has the capacity to stretch, results may not be as lasting as with a procedure that also tightens underlying muscles.
  • Neck lift – Platysmaplasty specifically addresses loose and excess skin below the chin. It reduces creases and wrinkles in this area, for a slimmer, smoother neck.
  • Brow-lift – A temporal lift can be done alone, or in combination with other types of face lifts. This lift raises a heavy or drooping brow which cause lowered eyebrows and an angry or tired look. Only small incisions, usually within the hair cap, are needed.
  • Blepharoplasty – While eyelid surgery is not part of a face lift or neck lift procedure, Dr. Nathan may be able to complete it at the same time. You can learn more on the Eyelid Surgery page of this website.

Recovery and results from face lift & neck lift – what to expect in Miami, FL

It is normal to have some swelling, bruising, and numbness after a lift, which typically peaks at day two. However, recovery is generally uneventful. The surgical site is bandaged, and patient comfort is maintained with ice packs and pain blocking medications. You are encouraged to move around after surgery, and you may shower after two days. Dr. Nathan will talk with you about when you may wear makeup again.

Plan to take at least a week off work. Most people are comfortable with their appearance – going out in public – within two weeks. Avoid swimming, strenuous exercise, and heavy lifting for six weeks. Daily sun protection is essential to protect your skin as it heals, and ongoing to preserve the benefits of face or neck lift surgery.

Dr. Nathan is very experienced in creating aesthetic, natural-looking results. You can expect to look years younger, and with a good skin care regimen and sun protection, enhancement will last many years.

Dr. Nirmal Nathan famous and best skilled plastic surgeon in Miami Florida

Dr. Nirmal Nathan is a skilled plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida. He received his medical degree through the Honors Program in Medicine at the University of Miami. Dr. Nathan is among the most sought after plastic surgeons in Miami due to his expansive knowledge, skill and method of treating patients. In his practice, The Nathan Clinic Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, he provides the excellence that comes from experience.

Why choose The Nathan Clinic?

Did you know that under Florida law, any licensed medical doctor is permitted to perform cosmetic surgery? Yet plastic surgery is a complex and fast-changing area of medicine with tremendous potential impact on the patient’s appearance, health, and quality of life. Dr. Nathan is a Board-certified plastic surgeon. This is your assurance of his dedication to providing the highest level of care. Board-certification involves extensive additional training, well beyond a medical degree, in area such as facial anatomy, aesthetics, and specialized surgical skills. You might think of it this way – while you probably have a terrific mechanic for your BMW, you would rather take your pride and joy to an experienced body shop for fender-bender repairs.

Trust your face to the expertise of Dr. Nathan. Call (305) 680-5121 to schedule a face lift & neck lift consultation at The Nathan Clinic in Miami, FL.